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Providing value to our customers.


A website is a representation of yourself or your business. When you work hard to set yourself apart from your competition, why build a website that looks like everyone else's?

We will work with you to build a truly unique and professional website that separates you from your competition and drives your business forward.

We even provide a free, no obligation proof of concept service so you can see how fantastic your new website could look.

Desktop Software

Software can be expensive. Typically you spend a lot of money for a product you don't own, cannot change and get no support for.

You're likely also paying for all the features of the software. Even if you don't use them.

Take back control of your software! We will work with you to build software that actually works the way you want.

The best part? You own it, you can make changes, and our fantastic support is here to keep things running smoothly.

Mobile Applications

If you've ever had an idea for an app, you'll know how quickly the idea faded when you realised how much it would cost to bring your idea to life.

At Custom Code IT, we believe that building a mobile app should be accessible to as many people as possible.

So hold on to that great idea of yours and get in touch with us. We'll help make it a reality.

Process Automation

If you repeat the same task more than twice in a month then chances are you should automate it.

Custom Code IT can help you eliminate those boring, monotonous tasks and create more time for you to achieve things that actually benefit and add value to your life or business.

Talk to us about how much time you can save through automation.