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We build innovative custom solutions.

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Why choose us?

Why choose Custom Code IT for your next development project? It’s simple. We are invested in your success.

We take the hard work out of building websites and software so you can focus on what matters to you; running a great business.

We offer a wide range of support plans for the products we deliver so you have piece of mind knowing that someone has your back when you need it.

What we do

We are an Australian web and software development business that focuses on delivering high-quality custom solutions at a reasonable price, backed by our outstanding support.

Here are just some of the custom services we provide:

  • Websites
  • Desktop applications
  • Mobile applications
  • Process automation

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Why we do it

We saw the current state of software and web development and thought: “we can do better”.

Take websites for example. We see individuals and businesses being charged big money for websites that are slow, don’t work well on mobile devices, don’t adhere to accessibilty standards and in a lot of cases are based on generic pre-built templates with text added to them.

That's where Custom Code IT comes in. Our emphasis is on delivering quality to our customers.

You are not just a number, and we believe that an integral part of building great solutions comes from understanding what our customers do and what they want to achieve.